Kenny Britt lucky to still be on Tennessee Titans


Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt is past his second chance. He was charged Friday with driving under the influence in Kentucky, his eighth incident involving the police since he was drafted in 2009.

Let's be real: A player less talented would have been cut by now. Britt benefits from a sliding scale of justice afforded to first-round draft picks with the ability to go deep. The Titans seem unlikely to let go of Britt, but they have to prepare for 2012 believing anything they get out of him is a bonus.

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You can make the case that Britt is a repeat offender for the NFL's personal-conduct policy as well as the substance-abuse policy, which stems from a prior marijuana arrest. A long suspension could be on the way. When Britt does return to the field, it's worth wondering if he'll be the same guy.

It's too easy to forget Britt had surgery to repair his anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament last year. He had a follow-up surgery on his right knee in May and another surgery on his left knee in July. It's quite possible "the old" Kenny Britt won't be back this season.

As Bucky Brooks pointed out, the Tennessee Titans' offense can survive without him. But it won't be the same.

Players with Britt's skill set don't come along often. That's the only reason he still has a job.