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Which of the 'Top 20 Games of 2011' was NFL's best?

Tom Hauck / Associated Press
Demaryius Thomas' 80-yard TD was one of the greatest finishes in NFL playoff history.

Elliot Harrison's "Top 20 Games of 2011" are in the bank.

Naturally, we disagree with a smattering of his picks, but Harrison (as much as we'd like to rib him) did a fine job. Many of his favorites were our favorites, too.

But not all of them -- and we can't help ourselves. So here's our take:

Gregg Rosenthal's top five games of 2011:

1. Saints-49ers (NFC divisional): Easy pick for the top spot.

2. Steelers-Broncos (AFC wild card): Really, this didn't crack the top five?

3. Ravens-Steelers (Week 9): Joe Flacco and Torrey Smith have a moment in Pittsburgh. Best rivalry in football.

4. Saints-Falcons (Week 10): From minute one to Mike Smith's failed fourth down try, this was an awesome, tensely played division battle.

5. Packers-Giants (Week 13): It was at this point we started to think the Packers simply couldn't be beat.

Marc Sessler's top five games of 2011:

1. Steelers-Broncos (AFC wild card): I'll play contrarian here. Tim Tebow's final stand in Denver was a storybook classic.

2. Saints-49ers (NFC divisional): Intense. Unusual. Tied forever to the "bounty" meltdown. A fascinating affair.

3. Jets-Broncos (Week 11): Here's your reason Tebow's now dressed in green.

4. Giants-49ers (NFC Championship): A conference title bout between two teams at their best.

5. Patriots-Giants (Super Bowl XLVI): A Super Bowl that boiled down to one final, desperate Hail Mary? Yes, please.

Readers: It's about time you give us yours.