Bart Scott, Demario Davis clash for New York Jets role

Training camp is finally almost here. They allow tackling there and everything. Around the League will count down the top 30 position battles to watch throughout the preseason.

Top 30 training camp position battles

No. 30: Seahawks running backs
No. 29: Packers No. 3 receiver
No. 28: Broncos backup running back
No. 27: Bengals cornerbacks
No. 26: Raiders backup quarterback
No. 25: Cardinals receiver
No. 24: Jets right tackle
No. 23: Jets linebacker
No. 22: Redskins running back
No. 21: Giants No. 3 receiver
No. 20: Patriots receiver
No. 19: Colts tight end
No. 18: Rams receivers
No. 17: Jaguars quarterbacks
No. 16: Bears wide receivers
No. 15: NFL safety battles
No. 14: Jaguars No. 2 receiver
No. 13: Bears left tackle
No. 12: Randy Moss vs. Father time
No. 11: Lions receivers
No. 10: Cardinals running back
No. 9: Ravens pass rusher
No. 8: Dolphins quarterback
No. 7: Buccaneers running back
No. 6: Steelers defensive end
No. 5: Dolphins wide receiver
No. 4: Cardinals quarterback
No. 3: The Oakland Raiders
No. 2: Titans quarterback
No. 1: Seahawks quarterback

No. 23: New York Jets linebacker: Bart Scott vs. Demario Davis

The offseason hype machine says Scott is "back" this offseason. He's trimmed down and has a new attitude. Don't forget that there's no chance Scott would be "back" with the Jets if his $4.2 million salary wasn't guaranteed. The Jets would have cut him.

“It was a football version of depression,” Scott told the New York Post about last season. “It wasn’t joyful coming to work every day.”

Scott is essentially a two-down player now. He can't handle covering opposing tight ends. Rookie Demario Davis can. That's a problem for Scott.

Davis, a third-round pick from Arkansas State, has wowed Jets onlookers and coaches all offseason. He should play for Scott on passing downs. Based on some of the reports, he might be too good to keep off the field as a starter. His talent is strong and his leadership abilities are said to be better.

The Jets need to get faster on defense. Replacing Scott with Davis would help take care of that. Davis looks like a long-term building block. Scott is in his final season with the team at best. If the Jets can't wait to hand the keys to Davis, the team could cutting Scott and eating his salary.

Projected winner: Ignore the offseason Scott hype. Davis should win this job sooner rather than later.