Aaron Rodgers OK with low-profile Green Bay Packers


The Green Bay Packers rolled through last season's regular season. Aaron Rodgers directed a passing attack that rained points and made it look easy when every step required work.

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The NFC Divisional Playoff Game loss to the New York Giants cut deep, but a Packers roster that went 15-1 returns largely intact.

Still, there's a sense the Packers have been glossed over by the media and almost pushed to the side. The lack of attention doesn't bug the reigning MVP.

"We're hoping we can kinda fly under the radar a little bit," Rodgers said Thursday on "NFL Total Access." "It might not happen, but it's good that people are talking about other teams right now."

Green Bay is considered a shoe-in for the playoffs, but within their own division, the young Detroit Lions and Jay Cutler's Chicago Bears have generated more offseason chatter.

Rodgers doesn't appear distracted by the Green Bay Q rating. Why would he be? The Packers will resume their role as conversation-starter in a few short weeks.