Fred Taylor: Maurice Jones-Drew unlikely for camp


Fred Taylor has a unique perspective with which to comment on Maurice Jones-Drew's contract situation. Not only does Taylor know what it's like to carry the Jacksonville Jaguars running game, he also has been working out with MJD this offseason.

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Jaguars fans should be worried because Taylor isn't too optimistic about Jones-Drew showing up to camp on time.

"He understands it's a young man's game. ... He's trying to use whatever leverage he has," Taylor told WJXL-AM, via Big Cat Country.

Taylor stressed that Jones-Drew isn't a "greedy guy," he has been working extremely hard and will be ready when the stalemate ends. But he doesn't think Jones-Drew is going to blink unless the Jaguars come off their strong stance that they won't talk contract.

"I think (Jones-Drew) will continue to hold out because there were some things that were miscommunicated by both sides," Taylor said. "Pride gets involved. Someone has to give. ... I don't think Maurice will be the first one to show his hand. Possibility it'll go into training camp or even further."

Jones-Drew's contractual issues snuck up on observers this offseason. With Ray Rice and Matt Forte taken care of, MJD will now take center stage.

We've been saying for a while that there is no easy solution to this one. A long holdout would not be a surprise.