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Janoris Jenkins, Rams reportedly hit snag on bonus


The contract negotiations between the St. Louis Rams and rookie cornerback Janoris Jenkins aren't getting any easier.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reported Wednesday that the Rams have proposed a deal that would split the second-round draft pick's signing bonus into four equal parts over the course of the contract. Most rookies receive their bonus in one lump sum, but the Rams want to protect themselves if Jenkins encounters more off-the-field trouble.

Jenkins' agent, Malik Shareef, has declined to accept a contract worth $5 million, including a $3 million signing bonus. Yahoo! reports that Shareef is concerned how he will be viewed by future clients and others in his industry if he advises Jenkins to take the deal.

Jenkins finished his collegiate career at North Alabama after being dismissed by Florida following his second drug-related arrest. To compound matters, 23-year-old Jenkins has four children by three women, with another paternity battle potentially closing in.

"What the Rams have asked for is fair," a source told Yahoo! "Yeah, it's not cool if you don't get your money right away, but if he believes in himself and continues to do the right thing, he's going to get his money."

Earlier this month, Jenkins and the Rams were at odds over a pre-draft agreement that stipulated the rookie work with a financial advisor hand-picked by the team. The Rams have since backed off that plan, which was impermissible under the rules of the collective bargaining agreement.

Bottom line: The Rams love Jenkins' talent, but they're clearly spooked by his character.


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