Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City Chiefs could part in 2013


Dwayne Bowe wants a monster contract. He wants to become a superstar. And it's increasingly unlikely he'll get his wishes granted while with the Kansas City Chiefs.

When Franchise Tag Day ended, Bowe and the Chiefs remained stuck in a stalemate that never came close to being resolved. The Chiefs seem unwilling to meet Bowe's big contract demands. They want him motivated again by a one-year contract. And they are probably comfortable with the chances Bowe could leave in 2013.

The Chiefs could use the tag again on Bowe next year, but his salary would climb to $11.4 million. That still might be a more palatable option for the Chiefs when it comes to retaining a talented player they don't quite trust.

"While Bowe tries, and often tries too hard, he comes across as unreliable, difficult to read and consumed by ego," Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star wrote Monday. "Bowe is good, but he's not elite. Too many drops. Flawed route-running. Having no idea how his words sometimes make him sound. He should've hoped for, but not expected, a monster payday, and now he'll have to wait several months for another swing."

Bowe has always been a better fantasy player than real-life option. His conditioning, consistency, hands and attitude have been questioned over the years. Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli has committed to guys like linebacker Derrick Johnson, defensive back Brandon Flowers and running back Jamaal Charles, who are all "core" players. He doesn't seem to view Bowe that way.