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Cam Newton Drive in Atlanta? Idea doesn't really fly


A tightly knit band of Atlanta citizens is pumping the brakes on plans to rename a local street Cam Newton Drive, after the Carolina Panthers quarterback.

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Residents of Scarborough Road in south Fulton argued at a public hearing last week that Newton, 23, is simply too young to have a street named after him, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Tuesday. Others cited the cost of revising personal records. Others simply were Atlanta Falcons fans, we'd imagine, but that's unconfirmed.

One woman cited Newton's arrest for theft in 2008 and past drama surrounding his father, who allegedly solicited money from a university that was trying to recruit the quarterback.

South Fulton Commissioner Bill Edwards argued that Newton, who went to nearby Westlake High School, is an example of someone who "beat the odds." These folks aren't buying it. Another public hearing on the matter will take place Tuesday night, but for now, Cam Newton Drive exists only in dreams.