Jay Cutler better than Aaron Rodgers, one Bear says


The search for the world's biggest Jay Cutler fan is over. His teammate, Earl Bennett, has taken the prize. Bennett's loyalty to Cutler knows no bounds.

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"We have the top running back arguably in the league, top quarterback, the receiving corp is deep," Bennett told Adam Schein and Rich Gannon of SiriusXM NFL Radio on Monday.

"So you think Cutler is better than Aaron Rodgers?" Schien asked.

"Of course," Bennett responded.

(Bennett goes back all the way to Vanderbilt with Cutler, so we'll excuse his bias.)

I'm a pretty big Cutler fan. Like Ron Jaworski, I put Cutler solidly in the top 10 of NFL quarterbacks. It's hard to come up with many categories in which Cutler is better than Aaron Rodgers.

We'd give arm strength to Cutler. And ... that's about it.

Cutler, 29, remains squarely in his football prime. He has more weapons around him this season. He's one great playoff run away from crashing the top-five quarterback conversation, and he has the skills to pull it off. He just won't ever have the skills to pass Rodgers.