King Hill, top pick of 1958 NFL Draft, Rice University legend, dies

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King Hill, the first-overall pick in the 1958 NFL Draft by the Chicago Cardinals (now Arizona Cardinals), died Saturday, Rice University said. Hill was suffering from cancer, the Houston Chronicle reported. He was 75.

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Hill, primarily a quarterback, was a two-way player in his 12 NFL seasons, also handling punting duties for much of his career. He played for the St. Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings.

The Texas-native was the offensive coordinator under Bum Phillips for the Houston Oilers and also coached under Phillips for the New Orleans Saints.

"This is a really sad day," Phillips told the Chronicle. "King was different from almost anybody I've ever worked with. He was the most polite, gentle man. And, (on the) football field, he was polite but direct. When he said something, he meant it."

Hill is best known as three-way star for Rice, leading the 1957 Owls team to a 7-6 upset of No. 1 Texas A&M. Hill scored the Owls' only touchdown, successfully kicked the extra point and intercepted two passes on defense. His punting helped back up the Aggies in their own end for much of the game.



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