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Minnesota Vikings consider retractable-roof stadium


There's at least a few of you who want to see the Minnesota Vikings play their games outdoors again, in the grim winter weather of the north.

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That's unlikely, but will you settle for a partially retractable roof?

Lester Bagley, the team's point man for the new stadium, hinted that could be in the works.

"It's a fixed-roof facility, but if we can cut costs, manage costs, our goal is to have a retractable feature (such as a portion of the roof that can be opened to view downtown)," Bagley the St. Paul Pioneer Press. "Some retractable feature, we think, is important. That's the one thing we're working on."

There's nothing here to suggest the team would allow Mother Nature into the mix late in the season. Too bad. When the Vikings waged war outdoors at old Metropolitan Stadium from 1961 to 1981, they froze opponents on their way to four Super Bowl appearances. Since taking their game inside, Minnesota's been to none. Just saying.