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Chad Ochocinco not disciplined enough, one GM says


As reporter Ian Rapoport made clear Wednesday, Chad Ochocinco isn't for everyone.

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The 34-year-old wideout generated scant interest after being released by the New England Patriots this offseason, but we weren't surprised to see him land one more chance in the NFL.

The Miami Dolphins thought highly enough of Ochocinco to offer a one year, $925,000 deal that could escalate to $2 million.

One longtime general manager doesn't see this as a wise move, telling the The Miami Herald that Ochocinco might still have burst, but he lacks discipline at the position.

"His best asset is his ability to get separation on routes," the general manager said. "But you want a disciplined receiver to be in the right spots, and that's not what this guy is. I would not have touched him. His personality issues are not going to change. I don't know if he’s ever going to get it."

We know this: These weren't the words of Jeff Ireland. The Miami Dolphins general manager is riding the Chad Ochocinco train -- and why not? The Dolphins need help at wideout and, if this works, they've taken a piece away from the Patriots (who, of course, were content to send Ochocinco packing).


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