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D.J. Williams, Broncos LB, failed second drug test, NFL says

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Denver Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams, who was given a six-game suspension earlier this year for violating the NFL's performance-enhancing substance policy, also failed a second drug test in September, the Denver Post reported Wednesday, citing court documents.

According to a letter to Williams rejecting his appeal in February (which was obtained and posted by the newspaper), Williams submitted a urine sample that was "not of human origin" during a test in September.

The letter also contains an account of a separate incident in which a bottle allegedly dropped from near Williams' waist during a test. Williams then allegedly kicked the bottle toward the Broncos' locker room; when a trainer and Williams went to get the bottle for the person collecting the test, they allegedly produced a different bottle.

According to the letter, Williams failed the initial test in August by producing a sample that was missing endogenous steroids. The sample was judged to be not of human origin, resulting in the suspension.

Williams tried to have the suspension overturned in court, but a judge dismissed his complaint in June. Williams and his attorney, Peter Ginsberg, are appealing the decision.

Ginsberg criticized the NFL's handling of Williams' case in comments to the Post.

"This other allegation unfortunately reflects the irresponsible way the NFL is going about its business these days," Ginsberg told the newspaper. "The NFL made the suggestion but offered no evidence, refused to present anyone involved in either this specimen collection process or the testing of that specimen and simply made an allegation that has made its way into the evidentiary record and the media."



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