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Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III: Who's your choice?

  • By Dan Hanzus and Marc Sessler
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Andrew Luck (left) was the No. 1 selection in the 2012 NFL Draft. Robert Griffin III (right) was the No. 2 overall pick.


Imagine you're a general manager in the NFL.

One day, you receive two unique but wholly different trade offers. The players going out are the same in each offer, but one deal lands you Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and the other Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

You realize you need to make the move, but must decide which deal to accept. Which rookie quarterback do you choose to lead your franchise?

In their latest edition of "He Said, He Said," Around The League's Marc Sessler and Dan Hanzus offer two opinions on a hot-buzz topic in the NFL.

Sessler: Luck born for this

I'm not sure you can lose here, but if we're talking about starting a franchise from the ground up, I'll go with Andrew Luck.

If I have one concern about RG3, it's his size and how that could impact his durability. But this is more about what Luck brings to the table.

I love that he grew up the son of an NFL quarterback. Coached by another at Stanford in Jim Harbaugh.

This matters. Physically gifted passers are attractive to every team on the planet, but combine that with a life spent at the edges of the NFL game, and you've got something special on your hands.

Three Manning-led Super Bowl teams over the past six seasons didn't happen on a whim.

Luck doesn't overwhelm you with flashy play, but the same could be said about Peyton Manning. Luck is a smart, tireless worker, born to play the position. We've seen these kinds of scenarios go wrong before (Todd Marinovich floats to sea on his surfboard as you read this), but Luck's the safest bet in decades.

The Colts weighed this question for months, but I don't believe they ever moved away from Luck. They won't be sorry.


Hanzus: RG3 has no ceiling

When attempting to choose between Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, try to imagine the breakfast menu at your favorite diner.

Luck represents bacon and eggs. This is the safe choice. It's always delicious and very difficult to get wrong. There's little chance you will walk out of that establishment grumbling about your order. It's bacon and eggs!

RG3 is like the breakfast burrito. It's the sexy choice on the menu, loaded with both ingredients and potential. Order that breakfast burrito, and friends at the table will nod at you in approval. The waitress might even drop a "Nice choice," further emboldening you. The breakfast burrito is a riskier proposition, but the payoff can be immense.

The Colts will be happy with Luck, possibly even thrilled. He has every intangible you could ever want from a rookie QB, and he's got the head on his shoulders to match.

But RG3 is a potentially transcendent talent. He has unique skills, a marketable look and endless charisma. He's no sure thing, but the stars could one day align to make him the face of the NFL.

Bacon and eggs are nice. But the upside of that breakfast burrito is too great to pass up.


Dan Hanzus and Marc Sessler write for Around the League. Dan's wife went to Baylor, likely affecting his decision-making process.


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