Gridiron Breakdown: Rob Gronkowski vs. Prince Fielder


Congratulations to our reigning home-run derby champions (yes, plural), Prince Fielder and Rob Gronkowski. Fielder won MLB's version (you might have missed it because the competitors take so many pitches they make your typical New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox tilt seem as quick as a San Diego fireworks spectacular).

Gronkowski won the celebrity Class AAA version, held in Buffalo. And that begets the following question: Who was more impressive?

And without further ado …

Athlete: Prince Fielder Rob Gronkowski Give it to ...
Lineage: Dad hit 319 homers in MLB Great grandfather Ignatius Gronkowski was a member of the 1924 U.S. Olympic cycling team in Paris Gronkowski
Height/Weight: 5-foot-11, 275 6-foot-6, 265 Gronkowski
Does he appear nude on the cover of ESPN the Magazine's "Body Issue"? No Yes The real winners are us for not having Prince on the cover.
Nickname: Prince of Power Gronk Fielder. Neither is particularly clever, considering Fielder's parents did most of the work. But it's not a lazy abbreviation, so he gets the nod.
Claim to fame: Prince and his dad are the only father-son combination to have each hit 50 home runs in a season Set numerous NFL records for a tight end in 2011 Fielder
Did you know: He was a vegetarian for about three weeks? He appeared on a dating show? Fielder. Hamburgers are awesome.
Strangest play on the field: Stole second base Rushed for a touchdown Fielder
Wait, he did what? Seriously, he stole second base in an actual game and it wasn't a double-steal. And it was on a lefty. Yeah, I've got nothing Fielder
World Series or Super Bowl titles? No No Push
HR derby champion: Yes Yes Push
Beat out: Jose Bautista Fred Jackson, Jim Kelly, Nick Bakay Fielder. Love Jackson, Kelly and Bakay, but Fielder beat actual competitors -- and Robinson Cano.
Longest blast at HR derby: 476 feet 320 feet Fielder. Seriously, my high school field was 330 down the line. Stop saying Gronkowski was crushing the ball, seeing they moved the fences in for the competition.
Was he more impressive than Mark Trumbo? No No Push


And the winner? I'll give Gronkowski some love for the degree of difficulty, but Fielder is the real Prince of Swing.

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