Jeff Faine says Raheem Morris didn't fit young Bucs


We told you Friday about Jeff Faine cutting against the grain to tell a Tampa Bay radio station the Buccaneers made the "right decision" to release him this offseason.

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A refreshing moment for the sports world -- that kind of honesty -- and the team's former center didn't stop there.

Faine was complimentary of the Bucs organization, but delivered a lukewarm critique of Raheem Morris, who was fired as head coach after last season's epic skid that left Tampa Bay at 4-12 and feeling around for answers.

"Coach Morris will be a head coach again, but he's gotta be a head coach of a very veteran team that can handle the style that he brings," Faine told WQYK-AM, per

The organization wants to see a different type of team on the field. Schiano has preached discipline and a team-first mentality, and players have taken note. We should point out that a year ago, Morris was hailed as one of the game's up-and-coming head coaches. Nobody could get enough of this guy. Now he's schooling defensive backs on the Washington Redskins.

Morris will be the first to tell you Schiano shouldn't get too comfortable.