Houston Texans hopeful Brandon Harris will fit in

The Houston Texans' defense made a lot of noise last season. Rookie cornerback Brandon Harris did not.

The team used a 2011 second-round pick on Harris, who figured to see the field early and often. He played less than 30 snaps, fading into the background of a pass defense that went from 30th in 2010 to third overall last season.

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"That's not his fault," Texans defensive backs coach Vance Joseph told the team's official website. "Because sometimes, when you draft guys and you just put 'em out there because you drafted 'em, that can hurt guys' growth.

"We had guys last year who were playing well for us to win. So, I wasn't down on Harris for not being ready to play last year. And that's the thing about me. If a guy's ready to play, I'm gonna play him. If he's not ready, I'm not gonna play him."

Joseph then unintentionally echoed the words of Dennis Green, saying: "Brandon Harris is what we thought he was gonna be."

In turning around Houston's defense, coordinator Wade Phillips leaned heavily on veteran cornerbacks Johnathan Joseph and Kareem Jackson. We barely heard a peep from Harris, but reports about his lack of speed are concerning. Coaches were pleased with his work during the offseason, but Harris is no sure bet to make the roster. Draft status aside, he must prove he fits in with this competitive unit.