Notre Dame wins inaugural robot football game


Notre Dame finally found a big football game it can win.

In the first collegiate football game featuring robots, the Fighting Irish took down Ohio Northern University 26-7. This actually happened.

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"A lot of robots were injured," organizer Bill Hederman said. "This was a serious bang-up game."

OK, so the game actually happened in late April. But the story was just featured as part of a bigger USA Today looking at the growing influence of robots in our lives. Eight robots that are roughly the size of big computer printers slugged it out in the game. (We have come a long way from Rock 'em Sock 'em robots.) Notre Dame's football coach Brian Kelly even reportedly attended some of the practices.

The organizers tried to compare the game to the first collegiate football game in 1869, but we think historical significance is more far-reaching.

The robot apocalypse is coming.