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Bills will have to give in stadium talks, says county official

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Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz told WGRZ-TV on Wednesday that the Buffalo Bills "want more than I think they know they're going to get" in negotiations to renew the team's lease at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

"We're not going to give away the store to keep the team here," Poloncarz said. "We're going to ensure that this team is economically viable and is kept here for many years. But it's my goal that the Bills contribute to part of the construction costs associated with the stadium. ... I feel confident that when all is said and done that we're going to get a lease that is fair for all, and keeps the Buffalo Bills in this community so that they're the Buffalo Bills, not the Los Angeles Bills."

The Bills' current lease at 40-year-old Ralph Wilson Stadium expires in July 2013. The team would like to see about $200 million spent on stadium upgrades.

Poloncarz reiterated an earlier pledge to have most of the deal done before the Bills start training camp next month He said the two sides will meet again next week.



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