Adam Jones recounts spending $1 million in weekend


Adam "Pacman" Jones spoke at the NFL Rookie Symposium last week in order to tell the Class of 2012 what not to do.

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Perhaps the most insane story he told was about how quickly money can be spent when you have a lot of it. Indianapolis Colts tight end Coby Fleener relayed that Jones regretfully told of spending $1 million in a single weekend.

Terrell Owens, sitting on the stage next to Jones, said, "Man, you crazy!" according to Fleener.

Fleener was a guest writer filling in for Peter King this week in's Monday Morning Quarterback column. The Stanford graduate gave a good inside look at the symposium.

Jones seemed to know that he was lucky just to be talking to the rookies. He estimated that 90 percent of his childhood friends from Atlanta are now dead or in jail. The fact that Jones is still in the NFL is one of the league's quieter surprise stories from the past few years.