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Junior Seau honored on billboard off I-5 in Oceanside, Calif.

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Junior Seau's cousin, Wayne Godinet, was pleasantly surprised last week when an impressive billboard popped up off I-5 in Oceanside, Calif., honoring the former San Diego Chargers star.

On the billboard (click here to view image) is a giant photo of Seau wearing his famous No. 55 jersey, with the words "In Memoriam, Junior Seau, Rest in Peace."

"We didn't even know that it was up," Godinet told the North County Times. "From what I saw when I passed it the first time, boom, it just came right at me. It's larger than life."

While it's not clear who put up the billboard tribute,

Seau, who was Samoan and committed suicide on May 2, will also be honored at the conclusion of Oceanside's week-long Samoan Cultural Festival on Saturday when the city's amphitheater and recreation center is renamed for Seau.



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