Brian Orakpo, Warren Sapp joke about pasta choice


When a player drops by NFL Network's studios for a visit, it's not uncommon to have him sit in front of the camera for what's known as a "homecook."

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In a "homecook," an off-camera producer asks the player a series of light-hearted questions aimed at giving a glimpse into his personality. When I've watched these in person, I'm continually amazed how "Life," starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence, has eclipsed "Scarface" as the preferred film of NFL stars.

On Monday, Washington Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo was in-studio and asked by producer David Benhaim about his favorite food. When he responded pasta then specified with shrimp scampi, Warren Sapp appeared out of nowhere to razz the Pro Bowl player.

Trust me, as somebody who works in the same office as Sapp, the man can appear at any moment. I think he has a flux capacitor.

Around The League sat down for a one-on-one conversation with Orakpo shortly after this. Sapp was nearby but did not interject.