Was Tim Tebow right about Florida vs. Notre Dame?

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Whose college program is better, Tim Tebow's Gators or Brady Quinn's Fighting Irish?


Tim Tebow shocked the world when he took some not-so-subtle jabs at Brady Quinn and Notre Dame in an interview posted on University of Florida's official athletics website.

"I had a teammate at Denver who played the same position as me and he went to the University of Notre Dame," Tebow recently said, via "He would brag about his university, how great it was. Most of us in the locker room were like, 'C'mon, we all had opportunities. We chose not to go there.' ... But he talked so much about his university that it became easy. I'd say, 'Your whole team had one guy who ran under a 5.0 40 (yard dash). Our kicker ran under 5.0.' "

The problem here? Not the smack talk. The problem is that the website has apparently taken the quote down, according to The Big Lead. Are you kidding?'s Ian Rapoport bemoaned this latest development, and I agree with him. Tebow finally said something we are interested in and now it's gone. But since Florida (probably at the behest of Tebow's reps) is backing away from the comparison, we'll jump in and take this to the grid! (Disclaimer: Florida has already been docked a point for taking down Tebow's quote).

And without further ado …

School: Florida Notre Dame Give it to ...
Mascot: Gators Fighting Irish Push
Conference: SEC Independent Florida

Do the fans have unreal expectations? Yes Yes Florida. Gator fans have a reason for those expectations.
And do they wear jorts? Yes No Notre Dame
But, do they have to wear coats in the winter? No Oh, hell yes Florida
Quarterback to be proud of: Steve Spurrier Joe Montana Notre Dame.
But we never talk about: Brock Berlin Ron Pawlus Neither
Coaching legacy: Spurrier, Urban Meyer Knute Rockne, Ara Parseghian and Lou Holtz Push
But we never talk about: Ron Zook George O'Leary Neither
Pro Football HOF (according to the official website): Two 10 Notre Dame
Heisman Trophy winners: Three Seven Notre Dame
OK, how many Heismans since 1990? Three None Florida
National championships: Three 11 Notre Dame
Again, how many since 1990? Three None Florida
All-time draft picks: 304 471 Notre Dame
Draft picks in last five years: 20 14 Florida
Current NFL players: 37 33 Florida
Super Bowl MVPs: One (Emmitt Smith) Three (Joe Montana) Notre Dame
Throwback uniform:

Florida. Notre Dame has some of the best traditional uniforms, and I understand the allure of wanting to mix it up. But you don't mess with greatness. And the logo on the Notre Dame helmet is awful. Compare the white throwback helmet of Florida; that just sings.
Pregame tradition: Gator chomp Play like a champion today Notre Dame
Best fictional character to play for the school: Sonny Crockett from "Miami Vice" Rudy Florida. Oh wait, Rudy was real?
Best fictional character to play for the school: Sonny Crockett from "Miami Vice" Jamie O'Hara (Vince Vaugh's character from "Rudy") Still Florida. O'Hara went from the third team to the practice squad and was one of the most disappointing recruits ever. That never happens at Notre Dame.
Most famous graduate:
Erin Andrews

Regis Philbin
Push. That's right, this is a push. Come on; Regis was the sidekick on The Joey Bishop Show. That's pretty cool. (Don't make me swing this over to Notre Dame, because I'll do it).
Most famous alumni (baseball): David Eckstein Jeff Samardzija Florida
Most famous alumni (basketball): Joakim Noah Adrian Dantley Notre Dame
Famous speech: "The Promise" "Win one for the Gipper" Push. There is a lot of history, but the Gipper speech helped Notre Dame to an upset win over Army in 1928. Florida went on to win the national title.
NFL claim to fame: Jack Youngblood played in the Super Bowl (and Pro Bowl) with a broken leg Joe Montana won four Super Bowls Florida. Did Montana win those titles with a broken leg? No, he did not.


And the winner? Notre Dame rules in history and long-ago tradition, but Florida's recent success gives it an 11-9 advantage. (Remember, Florida was docked a point at the beginning.)

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