Robert Griffin III warns rookies after extortion attempt

Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III says the arrest of a former Baylor basketball player for allegedly trying to extort money from the Heisman Trophy winner is a good lesson for himself and other NFL rookies.

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Griffin, participating in a youth clinic as part of the league's rookie symposium this week, would not comment directly on the arrest. Richard Khamir Hurd, 25, was arraigned Monday in federal court in Waco, Texas, for allegedly threatening to release "derogatory information" about Griffin unless he was paid.

Hurd tried to shake down a St. Louis-based representative identified as "B.D." for money, according to an affidavit obtained by the Waco Tribune. Griffin's agent, who is from St. Louis, is Ben Dogra.

"Hurd communicated that he had derogatory information on a client of B.D., and that he intended to release that information to the media to damage or injure the reputation of B.D.'s client unless the client paid Hurd a substantial sum of money," the affidavit stated.

Griffin says his situation reinforces the stories rookies are hearing from former players during their four-day orientation program on problems they may face as professionals. Griffin said "there's vultures out there, people looking to climb on top of all your money."

A spokesperson for the U.S. District Court - Western District of Texas, Waco Division told and NFL Network on Tuesday that Hurd did in fact post $25,000 bond on Monday at the U.S. District Court since he is facing a federal extortion charge. Hurd also waived his preliminary hearing, the spokesperson said. There currently are not any pending court dates in the case, she said, but there will be.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.