Cam Newton turns down Panthers' No. 2 jersey


When Cam Newton first joined the NFL, he hoped to wear the No. 2 like he did at Auburn. The only problem: Jimmy Clausen had the number and wanted to keep it. So Cam became No. 1 and enjoyed one of the best rookie seasons in NFL history.

One year later, Cam has a chance to get his old number back. But he doesn't want it. Which should make every Carolina Panthers fan around the country that plunked down good money on a Newton jersey very happy.

The availability of No. 2, according to Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer, came from Clausen's unprompted desire to change his jersey to No. 7. To quote Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, that's a bad job by Clausen.

He wouldn't trade his jersey last year to the No. 1 overall pick in the draft and then he decides he doesn't want it a year later?

The only people we don't feel sorry for are Panthers fans who bought Clausen jerseys. They backed the wrong guy and deserve what they get.