James Harrison, Steelers head down to Mexico City


James Harrison was the biggest Pittsburgh Steelers star headed to Mexico City for a Steelers youth camp and fan camp over the weekend. We just hope he showed up in the right place.

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Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel, who was also at the camp, recently explained an interaction with Harrison on WDVE-FM (via SB Nation).

"James sends me a text, like, before we agreed to do this, 'Come with me to New Mexico to a camp.' I texted him back, and was like, 'Jim, I think it's Mexico, not New Mexico.' He's like, 'Oh no, I'm gonna have to bring some guns.' "

(Which means its time to break out this picture again.)

It's good to hear that Keisel's beard made it south of the border. He has started growing it earlier than usual this year so that it can be "big and beautiful" by December.

The Beard speaks a universal language. That's convenient, because Keisel says he learned all the Spanish he knows from watching Speedy Gonzales.