James Jones reportedly not a trade target for Browns


We've heard the James Jones trade rumors. We haven't just read about the rumors that the Green Bay Packers could deal their veteran receiver; word that the Packers were looking for something in exchange for Jones during the draft made its way to Around the League headquarters in New York.

The Packers didn't find any takers. That's not likely to change in training camp, if the Browns have anything to do about it.

Mary Kay Cabot of The Plain-Dealer writes that the Cleveland Browns aren't interested in dealing for Jones . A Browns fan suggested a Colt McCoy-for-Jones trade, which sounds nice on paper. But the NFL usually doesn't work out veteran trades so simply.

Green Bay won't just give Jones away. And the Packers look committed to using Graham Harrell as their backup quarterback this year. Really. The Browns might be willing to give McCoy away, but they have to find a taker first.