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Vernon Davis: I'll be the 'best tight end to ever play'


It's not often a member of the San Francisco 49ers draws applause in Washington, not with the Redskins down the street.

Tight end Vernon Davis pulled it off Friday, after delivering a fiery speech to students at Coolidge High School.

After telling his audience not to abandon their dreams, he made a promise.

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"I will be the best tight end to ever play this game. I have a vision," Davis said, per WUSA-TV.

Davis, we should note, grew up in Washington. He was asked by the station if his goal can be achieved with Alex Smith at quarterback.

"It can. It doesn't matter," Davis said. "Anything is possible. I say that because ... what can happen? If I don't make it, then I don't make it. It's as simple as that. Ain't nothing nobody can do, ain't nothing nobody can say. But if I do? Then I spoke it into existence."

The words are out there. Let's see where this goes.