Brett Favre would take Robert Griffin III first


It was the great debate of the spring: Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III?

We knew all along that the Colts would take Luck, but a surprising number of NFL observers grew to like RG3 over Luck. Consider Brett Favre to be in that group.

Favre spoke to NFL Network's Deion Sanders on Friday and said he's a Griffin fan.

"Griffin, he's smaller, but if I was starting a team, I'd probably of went with RG3 just because, if they can't protect you, you got to protect yourself," Favre said.

We can't help but agree with Favre on this one. We also happen to share his opinion of Cam Newton: "That dude is good."

There have been rumors that we could get this sort of analysis on a regular basis if Favre took a broadcasting job. At this stage of his life, Favre sounds happier to be on his tractor in Mississippi. (Yes, according to the media, he never gets off that tractor.)

And don't worry, Scott Hanson: There are no indications that we will have to fire up FavreWatch again anytime soon.