Kevin Colbert: Steelers respect Ravens' Terrell Suggs


If you thought the Pittsburgh Steelers were dancing on the Allegheny Bridge when they heard about Terrell Suggs' injury, think again.

Last week, safety Ryan Clark spoke respectfully of the Baltimore Ravens linebacker and said the AFC North rival Steelers want to "beat them with all of their guys." In an interview Thursday with WJZ-FM in Baltimore, Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert echoed those sentiments and said no team hopes for injuries.

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"Honestly, all of our guys feel for those guys, not that there's any love lost between Baltimore and Pittsburgh," Colbert said, via "But we obviously respect the hell out of Terrell Suggs and what he can do. We've had it happen to us. We lost Willie Colon the June prior to last year. When you lose great players, there's no cheering. There's no celebration or anything like that because it can happen to your team.

"It has happened to our team. You feel for the great player who has to work his way back onto the field. The respect is mutual. Baltimore will find a way. We know that."

Suggs, the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year, partially tore his Achilles' tendon playing basketball during a workout in April and later underwent surgery. He has backed off his original prediction of a late November return, but has he pledged to make it back this season.

The Ravens and Steelers have regular-season games Nov. 18 and Dec. 2. If the football gods reward us, the rivals -- with T-Sizzle prominently involved -- will slug it out again in January.