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Raiders' Chris Cortez saves woman from sinking car


The Oakland Raiders have a hero in their midst.

Raiders assistant athletic trainer Chris Cortez and his neighbor, Taryn Griffin, teamed to rescue a woman from a sinking car in the Oakland estuary on Saturday.

Cortez was driving home from dinner with his wife and Griffin when they spotted the woman's vehicle descending into the waters. Cortez, Griffin and another man swam out to save the woman.

"We got her to roll down her window and the car started going under," Cortez told the team's official website. "So, Taryn, being the awesome swimmer that she is, she dove right in and so I just went in right after her and so did the other individual, and we got her out of there without a scratch, which is pretty amazing, and nobody got hurt."

The incident was recorded on cell phone, if you'd like to take a look at Cortez's impressive handiwork.