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Plaxico Burress won't praise Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow


It's become clear the New York Jets aren't interested in bringing back Plaxico Burress for a second season in New York. Burress is surely aware of this, which probably explains his passive aggressive digs of Mark Sanchez on Thursday on ESPN's "First Take."

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According to Pro Football Talk, Burress refused to offer any compliments of Sanchez despite repeated softballs lobbed his way. When asked if Sanchez could lead the Jets to the Super Bowl, Burress replied, "They just paid him, so I think they believe he is."

Obviously, that wasn't the question. Burress again was asked if Sanchez could lead the Jets to a title, not if the Jets thought he could.

"Um, I think the defense will," Burress said. "I think they definitely have a Super Bowl defense."

OK then. Burress is similarly unimpressed with the Jets' new backup quarterback, Tim Tebow.

"As a starting wide receiver in the NFL, you walk out there on Sunday and line up," Burress said. "It's not Peyton Manning back there."

It's times like this when you wonder if Burress has any level of self-awareness. The guy is desperately searching for a job, but he doesn't realize it might not come off well if you go on national television and slyly disparage your former quarterback.

We're not saying a five-minute spot on some morning show will keep Burress out of the NFL. But it doesn't help.


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