Tim Tebow faces plenty of pressure, Kris Jenkins says


When we wrote our "Under Pressure" series, the first player we looked at was New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

After all, what player in the league was under greater scrutiny than Sanchez this year?

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During my trip to Broadcast Boot Camp this week, former Jets defensive tackle Kris Jenkins turned the concept on its head. He points out that Tim Tebow will be under plenty of pressure, too.

"There's pressure on Sanchez, but there's also pressure on Tebow," Jenkins said. "Remember, most of the games he won in Denver were in the fourth quarter. He won on a lot of late drives where you are dealing with altitude and defenses are tired, and then he's making the magic happen.

"Now he's at sea level. Everyone can keep up with you. And there's going to be a lot of pressure on him as well to perform like he did in Denver. You know how New York fans are. They saw it in Denver. They are going to expect it in New York."

It's an interesting point. Tebow has made his reputation on ridiculous, inexplicable late comebacks. Ignoring the sea level aspect, that's going to be hard to reproduce anywhere. But that's the expectation now; that Tebow is going to pull off great comebacks.

If that doesn't happen in New York when he gets the chance -- and he will get the chance eventually -- folks might start to notice Tebow's lack of performance in the first three quarters.