Reggie Bush expects to play more at receiver this year


Reggie Bush proved last season that he could top 1,000 rushing yards. He wants to lead the NFL in rushing this year, but odds are he won't get the chance.

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Bush's role under new Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin is shifting back to the running back's strength.

"My role is going to be different, just in the sense that I'll probably be split out wide a little more." Bush told reporters Wednesday via "Play a little more receiver. But for the most part, we're still going to run the ball."

Make no mistake: Bush sounded excited with the increased tempo and changes to the Dolphins' offense. His role doesn't figure to diminish, but his ratio of carries: Receptions will be more balanced this season.

Bush set a career high in carries-per-game last season and had a career low in receptions: game. While Bush was solid as a running back, we believe his greatest strength is his versatility.

The shift in philosophy makes sense. Philbin comes from the Green Bay Packers, whose approach is more aligned with how Sean Payton runs things with the New Orleans Saints rather than how Tony Sparano ran the Dolphins last season. Bush's role ultimately might wind up looking like it used to with the Saints.

That won't help Bush top 1,000 rushing yards again, but it should help the Dolphins.