Minnesota Vikings reportedly wary of paying Harvin


Percy Harvin wants out of Minnesota. The Vikings are unlikely to grant his trade request anytime soon.

But why does Harvin want out?

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It most likely comes down to money and his role in the offense. Harvin told reporters he had multiple "issues" on Tuesday. NFL.com reporter Ian Rapoport noted that Harvin was asked Tuesday about his role. Harvin grew visibly uncomfortable and paused.

"Uh ... we'll see," Harvin said. "We'll see."

Harvin wants more money. We've heard that this isn't about the money, but it's always about the money. Perhaps it's not just about the money, however, it's not that crazy for Harvin to desire a new contract when he's seen the Vikings shell out decent bucks for guys like John Carlson in free agency.

The Vikings only played Harvin on 58 percent of the team's offensive snaps last year. Tom Pelissero of ESPN1500.com notes that the Vikings have concerns about Harvin.