Percy Harvin unlikely to be traded by Vikings


There are a lot of angles we could take following the big news Wednesday morning that Percy Harvin has requested a trade from the Vikings.

Let's start with the simplest angle first: There's next to no chance the Vikings will actually trade him. Harvin's trade request is just part of the process. Any trade speculation is a waste of time.

Harvin is the team's best receiver and there is a massive gulf between him and No. 2. (Jerome Simpson?)

The Vikings offense needs Harvin. His agent knows it. The Vikings have Harvin under contract for two more years for cheap, and that's more valuable than any draft pick the Vikings could get this summer.

Remember: If the Vikings were ever going to trade Harvin -- which we find improbable -- they would do it next year. They can get the same draft picks for him next March or April that they could now. There is no benefit in dealing him before the season. It's just not going to happen.

This promises to be an ugly situation without an easy solution. Harvin's reasons for requesting the trade are complex. The Vikings might not feel comfortable investing in Harvin because of his size and injury history, and Harvin looks willing to dig in and possibly hold out come training camp.

This story is unlikely to go away anytime soon. Just remember that Harvin is even more unlikely to play for another team in 2012.