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Six of 21 franchised players signed extensions

  • By Brian McIntyre
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With the Tennessee Titans and franchised safety Michael Griffin agreeing to terms on a five-year contract that's Ian Rapoport reported is worth a little over $7 million per season, the number of franchised players to have signed a multiyear extension before the July 16 deadline has increased to six. That represents less than one-third of the 21 players to receive the franchise tag this offseason.

Below is an updated look at which players have signed multiyear extensions, which players have signed their franchise tags, and which franchise tags remain unsigned. The "2-YR F/T" figure refers to what it would have cost, or what it will cost, the team to pay the player under the franchise tag in both the 2012 and 2013 seasons.

Signed Multiyear Extensions (6) 

Player POS TM YRS Cash Value APY GTY F/T 2-YR F/T
Campbell, Calais DE ARI 5 $55M $11M $31M $10.605M $23.331M
Mathis, Robert DE IND 4 $36M $9M $17M $10.605M $23.331M
Weatherford, Steve P NYG 5 $12.5M $2.5M $3.25M $2.654M $5.839M
Jackson, DeSean WR PHI 5 $48.5M $9.7M $18M $9.515M $20.933M
Barth, Connor K TPB 4 $13.2M $3.3M $4M $2.654M $5.839M
Griffin, Michael S TEN 5 $35M* $7M* $15M* $6.212M $13.666M

*Griffin's contract numbers are estimated values


Signed Franchise Tag (7)

Player POS TM F/T 2-YR F/T
Grimes, Brent CB ATL $10,281,000 $22,618,000
Nugent, Mike K CIN $2,654,000 $5,839,000
Dawson, Phil K CLE $3,810,000 $9,296,000
Spencer, Anthony LB DAL $8,856,000 $19,483,000
Welker, Wes WR NE $9,515,000 $20,933,000
Branch, Tyvon S OAK $6,212,000 $13,666,000
Davis, Fred TE WAS $5,446,000 $11,981,000



Franchise Tag Unsigned (8) 

Player POS TM F/T 2-YR F/T
Rice, Ray RB BAL $7,742,000 $17,032,000
Forte, Matt RB CHI $7,742,000 $17,032,000
Prater, Matt K DEN $2,654,000 $5,839,000
Avril, Cliff DE DET $10,605,000 $23,331,000
Scobee, Josh K JAC $2,880,000 $6,336,000
Bowe, Dwayne WR KC $9,515,000 $20,933,000
Brees, Drew QB NO $16,371,000 $36,016,000*
Goldson, Dashon S SF $6,212,000 $13,666,000


The value of a potential 2013 franchise tag for Brees will not be determined until after next week's grievance hearing in Philadelphia. The New Orleans Saints are of the opinion that they can use the franchise tag on Brees in 2013 and 2014, which would place the value of his 2013 tender at $19.645 million for a two-year payout of $36.016 million. Brees, his agent Tom Condon and the NFL Players Association believe that, since he was franchised by the San Diego Chargers in 2005, Brees' tender in 2013 should be worth 144 percent of his 2012 number, or $23.574 million, a difference of $3.929 million and a two-year cash payout of $39.945 million.


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