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Pacman Jones told by shooting victim to pay up


Adam "Pacman" Jones is set to earn up to $950,000 with the Cincinnati Bengals this season. After a Las Vegas court ordered the cornerback to pay $11.7 million in damages in connection with a 2007 strip club shooting, you can imagine the ugly financial position Jones now finds himself in.

Tommy Urbanski doesn't have any sympathy. Urbanski is the former strip club manager who was left paralyzed by a bullet that night. He called the ruling "a little bit of justice that's long overdue" and made it known he sees Jones' future NFL earnings as his.

"Better start working, maybe get a second job like most of the United States does," Urbanksi said, according to KVVU-TV in Las Vegas. "If he makes a dime, we're going after it."

Jones pleaded an equivalent of no contest to misdemeanor conspiracy to commit disorderly conduct in the criminal case. He denied the shooter, Arvin Kenti Edwards, was part of his entourage despite video evidence that indicated otherwise.

Jones will appeal Friday's ruling.

"It's obviously a devastating amount for him financially," Jones' lawyer, Lisa Rasmussen, said Friday. "He has really worked hard to make a comeback with his NFL career. He doesn't make enough money to pay that judgment."

It's a bad situation for everyone involved and a night that will follow Jones the rest of his life.


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