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Roman Harper expects justice in 'bounty' hearings

  • By Brian McIntyre
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New Orleans Saints safety Roman Harper hasn't been shy about expressing his opinion about the suspensions over the team's illegal bounty program. Just last week, Harper defended former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and, on Saturday, took issue with the lack of evidence disclosed by the league in the wake of Monday's player appeal hearing.

"I don't know any part of our government where you can punish somebody and then not say what you're punishing them for or what you've got against them," Harper said according to Alex Cassara of The Times-Picayune. "I just don't know anywhere in America where that's justice."

Of course, the suspended players have seen the evidence the league will present at Monday's appeal hearing. While Cassara noted that Harper was not familiar with the evidence that was disclosed, he is confident about Monday's appeal.

"I know what really went down in our locker room, and I know the things that got hit on us are nowhere near what they're supposed to be," Harper said. "That's my only comment on it, but I know due justice will eventually happen."

"Eventually" might be the operative word. It would be a surprise if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell reduced or rescinded the suspensions he handed down, which means there will likely be another legal challenge by the NFLPA, who has already lost two grievances challenging the Commissioner's jurisdiction on the matter.


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