Report: Randy Moss impressing at 49ers minicamp


The unending praise of Randy Moss continues to wash over the San Francisco 49ers news cycle.

Thursday brings us a report from a team insider embedded at Niners minicamp this week.

"You can still see the Hall of Fame skills," the insider said. "At times, he's been unstoppable, and he has very much quickly become the leader of the receiving corps. He sits in the front row in team meetings, takes notes and is extremely smart. He still has that major star power, and his teammates definitely recognize that."

Offensive coordinator Greg Roman doubled down on the acclaim.

"He has really been as good as you can possibly ask for in terms of being totally engrossed in football," Roman said, inadvertently reminding us of the version of Moss that's raised hell in the past. "He's a throwback. … He's got his family and football and his faith, and that's what he's all about."

Not to throw cold water on the proceedings here, but somebody needs to mention Randy Moss was extremely, thoroughly stoppable the last time we saw him, which -- not for nothin' -- was approximately 18 months ago.

Moss has been described as fit, focused and driven, all good things for a 49ers team desperate for a playmaker on the outside. But expecting the Randy Moss of 1998 or 2007 -- a.k.a. the other-worldly talent being conjured up in many of these reports -- is asking for disappointment.