Jordan Gross: Motivation for Saints' bounties 'weird'

NFL players have mostly stayed quiet about the New Orleans Saints bounty program. On one hand, their former opponents surely don't like the thought that the Saints were intentionally trying to injure them.

On the other hand, the players union and the Saints are battling hard to prove a bounty program never existed. So speaking out against it goes against the NFLPA's interest.

Carolina Panthers left tackle Jordan Gross finds the whole thing odd.

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"I just think it's weird that guys would be motivated by a little extra cash when everybody makes the money they do," Gross told Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer on Tuesday.

In hindsight, he isn't that surprised about the Saints.

"I always thought all those guys on that team were a little bit -- I'll just say an extra bit pushy and shoving and all that stuff," Gross said. "It was so blatant when (Saints safety Roman) Harper hit Steve (Smith) in the game here. That was just a blatant cheap shot. And then to hear that they had the bounty and all that, it makes sense," Gross said.

There should be a little extra juice when the Panthers and Saints play this season after what happened on the field last year. Gross couldn't resist taking one more shot at his division rivals.

"It's honestly kind of funny that I don't think they ever successfully had a cart-off after all those years of trying to do it."