Roger Goodell considering mandatory tests for retirees


In the wake of Junior Seau's death, Washington Redskins linebacker London Fletcher suggested that mental health counseling be available for players after their careers are over.

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Services remain available for players that want them, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suggests that there could be a change in league policy after a player retires. Goodell told's Peter King that the league may make a mental health evaluation be mandatory.

"That's something that's being discussed as a part of your exit physical," Goodell said. "Part of that is mental health evaluation to see what it can be. I've heard that from players myself. And we are evaluating it."

The more that players like Brandon Marshall speak about mental health issues, the easier it will be to erase the stigma of the disease. Evaluating mental health as part of an exit physical like you would with a knee makes a lot of sense.