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Ryan Tannehill might be best rookie QB, says Evans


It's far early to make predictions about rookie quarterbacks, but if you had to project the top passer from this year's crop, would it be Ryan Tannehill?

NFL Network's Heath Evans believes the Miami Dolphins signal-caller could outshine the likes of Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III:

"He could be the best quarterback in this draft because Andrew Luck has already been coached by Jim Harbaugh," Evans told The Palm Beach Post on Saturday. "So how much more can he learn that's not just based on experience? Where Ryan has so much to learn from (Dolphins coach) Joe (Philbin). ..."

"If you wanted to build a quarterback, you'd build him with that arm strength, his frame, athleticism, mental understanding of the game, and his base foundation. You give a great foundation to Joe Philbin to build on."

For the second time this week, we must respectfully disagree with Evans. He told us earlier the New York Giants were most likely to go from first to worst among last year's division winners. Until we see otherwise, Luck remains one of the top quarterback prospects in decades, and likely to lead this class. RG3 might not be far behind, and will start from Week 1. Tannehill first needs to beat out Matt Moore, then we'll talk.


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