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Chad Ochocinco reportedly to work out for Dolphins


After the New England Patriots released Chad Ochocinco on Thursday, we couldn't help but ponder if the veteran wideout had reached the end of the line.

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The league has gone silent on Ochocinco -- or so we thought. The Miami Dolphins have set up a workout with Ochocinco for next week, CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora reported.

La Canfora reported earlier Saturday that "if (Ochocinco's) prayers were to be answered," he would find a home with the Dolphins, according to sources in contact with the receiver.

Ochocinco hinted Friday that he's being courted by NFL teams (depending on how you interpret one of his 37,000-plus tweets). Inside this newsroom, there's rich debate about what Ochocinco offers an NFL offense at age 34. His time in New England stained his reputation, painting him as a player unable to grasp the complexities of the Patriots' attack. Not a résumé builder.

Ochocinco is a South Florida native and adding him to the mix might attract Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, who appears hellbent on turning the franchise into a media darling.

It wouldn't hurt the team's run on "Hard Knocks," either, handing HBO a juicy plot line to zero in on.

As for Ochocinco, we found him Saturday nestled up to an old friend (as everything in life floats steadily into the surreal):


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