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Roman Harper says Saints' 'whacks' are just good tackles

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New Orleans Saints safety Roman Harper strongly denied that he was ever paid for "whacks" on Friday.

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Appearing on ESPN Radio, Harper disputed a Yahoo! Sports story that he and former Saints linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar were offered $200 for "whack" hits following a January playoff win over the Detroit Lions.

"I did not get any money for it," Harper said. "I don't understand. A 'whack' is just tackle, it's a legal tackle. And it's just a term we use for a certain tackle. It's like, you hit a guy and I guess like you hit him low, below the belt, and his upper body lands before his lower body."

"I got nothing. I got nothing. I just play football, man. I didn't get anything," Harper said. "Where is all this coming from, anyway? Where did all this happen? Like, I don't even understand."



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