RG3's rocket arm leaves Hankerson's gloves in tatters


The Cleveland Browns were never serious about Robert Griffin III, according to a report this week. As the story goes, they viewed him as "too small" and "eager to show how fast he was."

They forgot about his arm.

RG3 now resides in our nation's capital, the starting quarterback of the Washington Redskins. If his size and need for speed were ever questioned, we have solid evidence the man (and his loyal backup) can deliver the ball.

"Out here grinding," Redskins wideout Leonard Hankerson posted on his Instagram page. "This is what #RG3 and #Kirk (Cousins) did to my glove."

Mike Shanahan has seen this before. A mildly famous former quarterback of his, John Elway, was legendary for the pain he inflicted on his receivers' palms. Elway threw with force, and it helped Shanahan and the Denver Broncos win two Super Bowls. 

RG3: Too small, too fast for Cleveland; just right for the quarterback-hungry faithful of Washington, D.C.