Gronkowski leads ATL's list of top 10 tight ends


I could tackle the latest news with my next post, but I'm in a listy mood on this Friday afternoon. Let's create something meaningless, shall we?

When Rob Gronkowski signed his contract earlier Friday, we considered it a bargain because Gronk produced perhaps the greatest season ever for a tight end at the age of 22. It got me thinking. Is Gronkowski already the best player at his position in the league?

ATL's Top Ten 10 tight ends

Remember: This is reality, not your 2012 fantasy rankings. Blocking and all those other silly non-statistical categories count.

1. Rob Gronkowski: He broke records as a receiver. He's one of the top-five blockers at his position. Honestly, this is a no brainer.

2. Jimmy Graham: Gronk and Graham may have the Pro Bowl on lock down like Gonzalez and Gates did the last ten years.

3. Vernon Davis: I considered him over Graham because of his blocking skills and the fact his offense limits his numbers. Ultimately, my top three mimics Daniel Jeremiah's Podium awards. Agreeing with Jeremiah is usually a good idea.

4. Antonio Gates: Perhaps this is a sentimental pick, but Gates should still have one difference-making season left in his Hall of Fame career.

5. Jermichael Finley: He's not the most disciplined or reliable player in the league, but he's the only tight end as explosive as Graham.

6. Aaron Hernandez: He runs routes and makes cuts like a wide receiver. Hernandez gives the Patriots so many formation options alongside Gronkowski.

7. Jermaine Gresham: Underrated hands. Underrated blocker. He's ready to break out.

8. Jason Witten: The longtime Cowboy has slowed down but his complete game is still so valuable.

9. Fred Davis: Guys with Davis' speed simply didn't used to exist at the position ten years ago. They didn't exist -- period.

10. Tony Gonzalez: He's more crafty than explosive at this point, but Gonzo still finds a way.

Honorable mention: Heath Miller, Brandon Pettigrew, Owen Daniels, Dustin Keller, Brent Celek

I didn't even mention guys like Kellen Winslow, Zach Miller, and Ed Dickson. The tight end position is deeper than it has ever been. If your favorite team doesn't have a difference-maker, they are playing at a disadvantage.