Robert Griffin III: I'm not just an option QB


Robert Griffin III improved his performance on Thursday one week after struggling in front of the media at an OTA practice. We don't want to get carried away evaluating non-padded practices, but Griffin believes he's making progress.

"As far as the offense, and as far as knowing what I'm doing, I think I had that 'ah, ha' moment yesterday," Griffin said, via The Washington Post. "The defense was getting after us a little bit, and we came to that last session of the day, and we just tore them up. … It felt good to know that as long as you know where you're going with the ball, and as long as you're aggressive and confident in what you're doing, you can complete any pass, and I think I had that yesterday."

Results were more mixed on Thursday, but it sounds like RGIII made a number of good plays with his arm and leg. The Redskins worked on more rollouts and option plays for Griffin. But that's not going to be the primary focus of the offense. He's not a young Michael Vick. Shanahan wants RG3 to be a young John Elway.

"It's good that we're implementing some of the option stuff because I have the ability to run it, but I don't want people to think I'm just an option quarterback," Griffin said. "That's something they have to look at. Last year, I threw for over 4,000 yards, so it's a wrinkle."

At this point, no one thinks Griffin is just an option quarterback. Mike Shanahan knows that movement skills at the quarterback position is a big advantage, so we still expect to see plenty of bootlegs and a moving pocket for Griffin this season.