Child please: Chad Ochocinco vs. Chad Johnson

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Who was better?


Chad Ochocinco was released by the Patriots on Thursday, as he was never quite able to live up to his past. You know, back when he was Chad Johnson. But here's a question, who was the better receiver, was it Johnson or Ochocinco? And there's only one way to break this down.

We're taking it to the grid!

And without further ado …

Player: Chad Johnson Chad Ochocinco Give it to ...
Primary team: Bengals Bengals/Patriots Ochocinco
Pro Bowls:

Average starts missed per season: Two Six Johnson
Average receptions per year: 80 52 Johnson
Average yards per season? 1,195 674 Johnson
Led the league in receiving yards: 2006 Never Johnson
Number of 1,000-yard receiving seasons: Six One Johnson
Average touchdowns per season: Seven Five Johnson
Was he a teammate of Terrell Owens? No Yes Johnson
Best quarterback he played with: Carson Palmer Tom Brady Ochocinco wins, but it's not like he made the most of the opportunity.
Did he play in a Super Bowl? No Yes Ochocinco
Notable off-the-field achievement: Beat a horse in a race. Final four of Dancing with the Stars. Johnson. Though losing to Nicole Scherzinger is no shame, Johnson beat a horse in a race.
CNBC's No. 1 most influential athlete on social media? No Yes Ochocinco
Started his own news network? No Yes Ochocinco
Quotable: "You've got to have big swagger, man." "Child, please." Ochocinco wins this one, child please.
Best end zone celebration:

Ochocinco. The jacket was funny at the time, but the Lambeau Leap is sweet.
Use of Pepto Bismol: A taunt he sent to future opponents. What Bill Belichick used after all of those drops in New England. Johnson
Teams interested in him now: None None Push


And the winner? It's time for Ochocinco to "kiss da baby." He is a much better entertainer, but Chad Johnson was the much better football player.

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