Drew Brees scores victory in sandwich battle


Drew Brees hasn't been at Saints minicamp this week, but he has managed to stay busy in New Orleans. After filming a Nyquil commercial earlier this week, Brees showed up at a New Orleans City Council meeting on Thursday.

Drew Brees' presence and support of a
Drew Brees' presence and support of a "Jimmy John's" location near his house helped push the city council to approve the sandwich shop. (Robert Morris/uptownmessenger.com/)

His objective: Convince the city council to approve a "Jimmy John's" sandwich shop in Uptown New Orleans on Maple Street.

The restaurant had a hard time getting approved until Brees showed up Thursday. The Council approved the measure after he spoke 7-0, according to Robert Morris of UptownMessenger.com.

I used to live a few blocks from where the sandwich shop will land, so we have a few thoughts here.

1. Jimmy John's is overrated. In a city with Domilise's, with Parkway Bakery, with Parsol's, with and a million other great po boy shops, does New Orleans really need a slightly better version of Subway?

(Seriously, the New Orleans Times-Picayune sampled 23 roast beef po boys in a year-long search for the city's best. Have I mentioned that I love New Orleans.)

2. Brees lives nearby and cited his affection for the neighborhood. Smart guy.

“What’s more important to me is that we become a very respectful community partner,” Brees said.

3. If Brees is this good at negotiating for his business interests, surely he can help close the deal with the Saints.